FAFF0: Plastic Death

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plasticine DEATH polyester DEATH petroleum DEATH paraffin DEATH

cling wrap credit cards your call is important to us magnetic tape transfigures static into impressions swear by vinyl slow incision of the needle grants me comfort twenty four hour youtube clip of white noise IT IS APPROACHING seventy four new notifications twenty one new videos three hundred new images a million new tweets the new netflicks series STRINGLE THANGS bring back rome father screams from the bathroom jesus christ theres never a fucking break rushes off to work for the tenth weekend in a row cant afford more workers more training more salaries it shrinks and shrinks and shrinks KIWIS ARE SO LAZY SON eating the curry dinner provided by a kiwi soft nationalism IT IS APPROACHING days wasted scrolling through plastic bags beer cans disintegrated lego pieces in the pelicans beak netflicks netflicks i prefer spotify THE POPULATION LEVEL THE POPULATION LEVEL SEWAGE BURSTS THE PIPES SEWAGE BURSTS SEWAGE THE PIPES