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i  mean it’s not my best piece /

Except this *wasn’t* an isolated issue. Earlier in the year there was the scandal of campus watch binning student magazines, and then tearing down protest posters against this event. Then there was last year, when the uni threatened defamation charges against sexual violence victims speaking about their experiences. And *then* there has being the continuing atmosphere of intimidation and secrecy around the department cuts and job losses; threats that the first to speak out is the first to be axed… These students aren’t drug fuelled hysterics that need to grow up and see the bigger picture; many are making a scene precisely because they _are_ seeing the bigger picture.

One last note: for all this ‘tax-payer’ rhetoric: Students pay rent. Students pay GST. And more importantly, students *Work*. 2017 Stats, 61.2% of students were in regular or full time employment while enrolled, and 76.7% would work over break. It’s students working terrible hours on casual contracts for minimum wage to make you your coffee and burgers; or be the retail workers you vent your afternoon abuse at, so they can pay rents on the properties that – in this economy – they could never dream of owning. All those complaining about the entitlement of millennials need to experience growing up in this world we inherited. Peace out.

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good luck with ya’ll exams ( o.o)/

BABEL6: Laughing is Good for You . . . if You Don’t Kill Yourself

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“there are strong parallels between suicide and consumption”

steady loss of semblance

as the world tilts

and tilts

and tilts

and tilts

and tilts.

“its not really the original one just a remake, you could say a second original”