HAUNT0: Digital Geometries, Capital Haunts and the Beautification of the Void

arduous spite

the day they laid the brickwork

and two hundred staff

we settled on the ocean’s floor

belly up like BP

too young to know

our exams had taken place

in a house of straw


<< the bridge’s broken tarmac >>

<< the oil in the empty lot >>

<< the student suicides >>


putrid crust of the imago

machinic repetition of the same

transferable capital




BABEL10: (Men)struation and Other Unspeakable Things

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the end never came

for we had already arrived

An outcry an irruption a line of flight

lynchpin through the broken wheel

the violence of the panopticon

and apologies apologies apologie

le Trésor de la langue française informatisé

définitions, section_expression …

babel will always stand on the side of


BABEL8: Here Are Your Issues

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as in faust the cosmic capitalist offers the magical girl power but a power instrumentalised through the indefinite deferral of desire and the regimentation of labour into nightly pseudocyclical encounters with death