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we accept prose, poetry, essays, news clippings, sketches, comics, paintings, art installations, self-destroying bicycles, ceiling dust, found poetry, automatic writing, wartime tires, skramz, noise, lowercase, paste, footnotes, the last image saved to your clipboard, pictures of lenin, erotic hypertext adventures, modern renditions of ubu cuckolded, finger puppets, last year’s post-it notes, the unimpressed expressions of adorno and baudrillard, donna haraway, post-industrial angst, consensual texting, voicemails from work and income, the labour theory of value, machines to facilitate humming, plunderphonics, broken distributions of linux, glitch art, street performances, torn up copies of Ronald Reagan’s autobiography, anime collections on vhs, avant-garde manuscripts, hitler falling over, spoken word phone recordings, surrealist colouring books, low quality scans of irigaray’s this sex which is not one, spivak speaking, the last page of your dream diary, recursive disintegration, looms, our zine covered in angry graffiti, dada enchained, wet dreams of cyberspace before it turned to shit, camus looking cold.

we are against neoliberalism, neoimperialism, neofascism, white supremacy, human supremacy, heteropatriarchy, androcentrism, psychological abuse, private property, commodity fetishism, consumerism, bureaucracy, hierarchical power, militarism, state violence, punitive justice, reformism, instrumental rationality, and all the other norms that render our society vapid, psychotic and despicable.