BABEL9: Witness the End

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adieux: du spectacle mon amour – nein dasein nein dasein nein dasien

it was nice knowing you

it was nice knowing you

huis clos(ure) (no?) an end without exit a circle without entry || an eternal return (v pure?)

perhaps it was too soon, history had yet to catch up; or it had always-already been too late, and we were fooling ourselves, and we were fooling you all, and we were all grand fools in a fool world; both audience and clown, both laughter and tears, as the theatre around us burned a cacophonous scream

perhaps we deserve nothing more than this, for our ignorance, for our arrogance, for our pleasure, for our hatred, for our suffering, for our love — a love too fucking grand and terrifying to remain unbattered, untouched, unalienated, uncrushed, un un un, the beating pulse of a world still struggling, despite everything, to be more than it is, to burst apart the concrete seams, the fool’s parade, the fool’s theatre, the fool’s zine

it was nice

but it was never enough

and so it ends.

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